As the Web Ninja, I create many websites. I pride myself on producing the highest quality work, which requires deep focus and attention to detail. So to ensure that you get my best work, I follow a process and schedule that allocates time that I devote to your work and only your work.

1 Consultation

This is where I figure out exactly what you need, whether it’s a simple WordPress site, a custom theme, a large ecommerce platform, a killer logo design or whatever else. Our initial Web Ninja consultation can be done over the phone or, if you are in the Phoenix, Tempe or Scottsdale area, I can schedule a meeting with you at your place of business.

2 Contract Agreement & Deposit

After the consultation, I submit an estimate to you with the list of deliverable items for your website project. Once we agree on the cost and deliverables, we sign a contract agreement. Work begins as soon as you make a deposit for half the cost of the website. This deposit ensures that your site will be set in my website project schedule. If another client should make a deposit after you, they will not have priority over you.

3 Website Comp Design

The first step of the work is creating a draft the design of your site. I email you the design in a flat jpeg format. At this point, no coding is involved. This step is just to get the graphic design and content flow just the way you want it. Communication is essential to success at this stage, so don’t hold back—give me your honest thoughts, opinions and feedback on the design.

4 Website Comp Proof & HTML/CSS Production

In order to proceed to the production stage, you must first confirm that the design is final by signing the website design proof sheet. It is important to make sure that everything you want is included in the proof. If any design changes are made during CSS/HTML production time, additional charges will be applied to the original estimate.

5 Website Training

Once your website is finished and approved, I can show you how to log in, make edits and updates, as well as any other functions that you’d like to know. We can do this over the phone, in a face-to-face meeting or with my easy-to-use online tutorials that you can save for future reference.

6 Final Payment with Website Delivery

When your site is complete, the final payment for the project must be made before the website can officially go live.

Mission Complete!

Yes! It’s that easy! With my simple Web Ninja process, you are six simple steps from having your own high-quality custom website. Call today to set up a consultation or use the online consultation form.