Is your web master slow with the updates? Do you want more control of the content on your website? A WordPress Content Manager System is a perfect solution if you want to update your site yourself. If you have an internet connection, you will be able to login to your website to make those last minute changes. Being able to control your own content on a daily basis is a priceless feature for any website. Be your own, WebNinja!


Wordpress is OPEN SOURCE

Wordpress is a free open source PHP/MySQL script licensed under the GPL. It supports plenty of features that would be difficult to program yourself within a traditional website making it a cost effective solution.

WordPress Has Thousands of WEBNINJA Add Ons:

  • SEO All In One Pack
    Get yourself seen in the top google search engine results sooner with this. Keyword your pages perfectly to target your niche audience. I do offer custom Search Engine Optimization as an add on package.
  • Audio Player
    Put your audio files on your website easily. Many radio or entertainment websites can take advantage of this feature. Upload your mp3 and add a small snippet of code and your done!
  • Embedded Video
    The plugin is made for easily embedding videos into a blog post. The videos can be integrated from external portals (like YouTube, Google Video and many many others) or they can be uploaded to the web server or a remote server and integrated as well.
  • Photo Galleries
    Most websites call for an easy to manage gallery system. WordPress can easily handle all of your photo galleries and it can even organize them by albums. With a click of a button you can embed a flash slideshow gallery with multiple sliding effects to give you pages an added edge.
  • Event Calendars
    Perfect for music events. Nightlife entertainment websites take advantage of this plugin to guide their users to the shows of their choice. It offers ticket master links, google map links, and detailed Venue information.
  • Google Sitemaps
    Create an XML sitemap that can be submitted to Google, Yahoo and other search engine to help them crawl your site more efficiently.
  • Google Maps
    An excellent way to get users to take advantage of Google maps easy to use location finder. Users can get directions to get to your shop with easy.
  • Google Analytics
    Keep an eye on your website traffic. Google Analytics can help you research what keywords attract more users to your website. Learn which pages are turning visits into conversions.
  • And More…
    Since WordPress is an open source CMS. Many users all over the globe contribute new and up to date plugins everyday!

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Hear from my clients.
“Ron has built, redesigned and updated multiple WordPress websites for HonorHealth going back to 2015. It’s a testament to the quality of his work and his enduring loyalty that the same websites that he helped to create all those years ago are still running strong today. From the neverending smaller updates to full re-designs, Ron remains a trusted partner for the HonorHealth marketing team.”
HonorHealthDigital Marketing Team
“Ron and I have been working on website projects together since WordPress became a thing earlier this century. He is the rare combination of engineer and artist. By that I mean that he’s just as talented with solving weird technical problems on a website as he is with designing something cool and mind-blowing for a project. He’s also very practical and incredibly easy to work with, even when the pressure is on. Ron is the guy for your website project, hands down.”
“I've been working with Ron Miranda for over eight years on multiple projects, and his dynamic designs and illustrations for the digital applications are two reasons why. Easy to work with and extremely creative, I would absolutely recommend Ron for your next web design project.”
Nate WagnerFounder of Creative Refinery LLC
“Ronald created my website many years ago and has helped me update it several times since that date, whenever I have new material or it just needs a little love. I am an artist so I am particular in the way I want it to look. Ronald takes care of my requests nicely and efficiently. He is also dependable which I have discovered is difficult to find among website designers. I definitely recommend Ronald and his skills for your website needs.”

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